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JHU AMA Presents: Student Alumni Panel

Earlier this month, the Johns Hopkins University undergraduate chapter of the American Marketing Association (JHU AMA) kicked off its Fall Speaker Series with a panel of JHU alumni working in marketing and advertising capacities. These alumni included representatives from Under Armour, AOL Digital, T. Rowe Price, Stanley Black & Decker, IMRE, and Factory Athletics. Students interested in pursuing careers in marketing, advertising, and digital media fields attended the event to learn more about the various industries represented.

Alumni Taylor Schulte, Tyler Goodell, Claire Sandgrass, Zoe Longenecker-Wright, Dave Carisiti, and Jason Budden speak at the alumni panel.

Alumni Taylor Schulte, Tyler Goodell, Claire Sandgrass, Zoe Longenecker-Wright, Dave Carisiti, and Jason Budden speak at the alumni panel.

The alumni spoke about several topics, most of which focused on breaking into the marketing industry, tips for surviving your first few months on the jobs, and other pieces of advice centered on helping current students make the most of their college experience to prepare for a transition into the real world. Richard L, an event attendee, commented that “thanks to them [the alumni], I feel much more prepared to send out job applications than I had before.”

Some key takeaways from the event:

  • Connect, connect, connect! Expand your professional network by reaching out to people in the industry via LinkedIn. (Note: always send a personalized message when seeking to connect).
  • Try it out. Find an internship, either during the semester or summer, in a marketing-related field, to see if it’s for you. An internship in this field is also critical if you want to land a job at a firm.
  • Clean up. Make sure your social media pages are devoid of undesirable content and make sure your resume is always updated and polished.

The JHU AMA will be hosting multiple upcoming events, the next of which is on Monday, November 10th. Hershey Associate Brand Manager Anthony Criezis will be speaking as part of the AMA’s Fall Speaker Series, and all interested parties are encouraged to attend a very informative discussion!

Rebranding a Fallen Hero: The Orioles’ New Marketing Strategy

Any baseball fans out there?

Wednesday, November 6th, the Baltimore Orioles Vice President of Marketing Greg Bader spoke at the Hopkins campus to an audience of 35 Hopkins affiliates and the Loyola AMA president. The Johns Hopkins chapter of the American Marketing Association hosted the event in Hackerman B17. Bader, who has been with the Orioles for 20 seasons, started his presentation by engaging the audience with a simple question.

“How many of you are Orioles fans?”

JHU AMA Vice President Liz Bagdorf (left) and the Baltimore Orioles VP of Marketing Greg Bader

JHU AMA Vice President Liz Bagdorf (left) and the Baltimore Orioles VP of Marketing Greg Bader

Bader candidly spoke about the Orioles’ historically successful record by noting that the home team enjoyed great success from 1960-1997, holding either the best or second best records in the league for a nearly 40-year period. This set the stage for Bader’s grim account of the Orioles’ not too distant past:

  • From 1998-2011, the Orioles lost 1276 games while only winning 990.
  • That’s 14 consecutive losing seasons.
  • In this period, annual attendance dropped by 2 million fans to just over 1.5 million per year.

The Orioles marketing department had its work cut out for it. Bader noted that “any team in a downward spiral needs to think about what it stands for,” and explained the five principles of his latest marketing campaign for the team:

  1. Fun. The ballpark is an escape from reality, and, at the end of the day, baseball is just a game.
  2. Partnership. “We’re all in this together,” said Bader, referring to the fans and surrounding community.
  3. Family. Stories of the ballpark should be passed down from generation to generation, and an Orioles game is a family-oriented event.
  4. Tradition. “This is a historically great team. We want to remind people that summers in Baltimore wouldn’t be the same without the Orioles.”
  5. Community. Camden Yards and the Orioles have been defining features of Baltimore for nearly 60 years.

Primary Tactics:

  • Re-instate the cartoon bird logo
  • Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Oriole Park
  • Improve the ballpark
  • Introduce the Orioles Legends celebration series


The 2012 Season (following the campaign’s implementation):

  1. The team had a 93W-69L record, a winning record for the first time in 15 seasons
  2. The Orioles were in the top 5 in the MLB for social media followers growth
  3. In September 2012, the Orioles sold the third most merchandise in the league (largely thanks to the cartoon bird logo!)
  4. Attendance grew past the 2 million annual attendees mark.

Bader said that the team’s winning season was definitely helpful to the club, but winning is not everything. “Winning is a huge part of a team’s identity, and winning definitely helped us meet our campaign’s goals. But if we had just relied on winning, we would not have been able to reach two million fans again.”


Bader mentioned that anyone interested in working for the Orioles should “spend as much time there” and get to know people in the organization. Job opportunities with the Orioles are available here, and Bader maintains that the experience has been “an exciting opportunity.” As a lifelong baseball fan myself, the idea of working for a ball club seems more tantalizing than a 4.0 GPA.

– David

A LinkedIn Specialist’s Tips for Young Job Seekers

On Wednesday evening, the Hopkins American Marketing Association hosted Colleen McKenna, owner of Intero Advisory, a company which assists professionals in optimizing their LinkedIn profiles. The engagement was our AMA’s most crowded event this season, and the filled seats did not go unsatisfied after Ms. McKenna’s hour-long session.


A LinkedIn Specialist’s Tips for Young Job Seekers.

Ms. McKenna, who believes that LinkedIn is a “business tool, not social media,” has advised 3,400 professionals with her Intero services. She stressed the important of keeping a tidy, filled-out, and clean LinkedIn profile because “everything on LinkedIn is ranked.”

If you couldn’t be at the event last week or didn’t take notes, there’s good news: we have some notes right here!

Takeaways from a LinkedIn Specialist: 

  1. Job seekers want to talk to young people. Check out the LinkedIn Student Portal for assistance finding an internship or post-graduation job.
  2. Join a variety of groups on LinkedIn. These can be sorted by past jobs, societies, clubs, and schools.
  3. Develop a four-part strategy to better use LinkedIn. Tweak your profile, Connect to appropriate people to build your network, Engage the best people from your existing connections, and Measure your success by monitoring your activity.
  4. Personalize every message you send on LinkedIn. With over 240 million active users, employers on the site are mired in messages. Don’t add another generic “Hi, I’d like to connect to your professional network on LinkedIn” to their trash piles.
  5. Sometimes you have to be the first one to reach out before making a connection. Don’t be afraid to extend your hand.
  6. Put all of your experience on LinkedIn. That part-time job you had slinging frozen yogurt last summer? Yes. That month you volunteered at an animal shelter? Yes.
  7. Find the keywords that are most relevant to your desired job, then include these in your profile. Job seekers want to make sure you are interested in the specific job you’re applying for, and having the right keywords in your profile will help your case tremendously.

Ms. McKenna hopes that interested students will optimize their profiles by using her strategy. Feel free to follow her on Twitter and ask her questions if you are having trouble using LinkedIn!


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Welcome to Marketing Week!


Need help with your resume? How about social media marketing?

From Monday, October 7th to Friday the 11th, the JHU chapter of the American Marketing Association will be hosting Marketing week events on campus. The AMA hosts marketing week each year to promote its organization and garner interest in the marketing field overall. The calendar of events is as follows:

October 7th: Alumni Panel in Marketing

  • Meet JHU alumni working in the professional world
  • 6:00 PM in Gilman 132

October 8th: Resume & Internship Workshop

  • Members and newly-applied members only
  • Help format and develop content for your resume
  • 5:00 PM in Gilman 55

October 9th: How to Market Yourself Using Social Media

  • Meet a LinkedIn recruiting specialist
  • Learn how to effectively present yourself online
  • 6:00 PM in Gilman 132

October 10th: Cafe Hon Fundraiser

  • Enjoy karaoke and meet current AMA members
  • Eat great food while benefiting the AMA
  • 8-11:00 PM at Cafe Hon (1002 W 36th St, Baltimore, MD 21211)

October 11th: AMA on the Breezeway

  • Enjoy free coffee and donuts from AMA members
  • Get your Friday morning off to a good start!
  • 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM on the Breezeway

If you would like to join the American Marketing Association’s JHU chapter, please click here. Also feel free to email the JHU AMA with any questions about the upcoming Marketing Week or membership benefits. Enjoy your week!


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