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JHU Graduate Produces Mother’s Day Video.

Ever since I started my graduate school adventure at Miami Ad School San Francisco (a portfolio school for advertising), I have been shown the true value of personal projects.

Personal projects that allow one to freely execute a campaign without being limited by the corporate aspects of advertising; personal projects that encourage individuals to pursue something true to themselves, while having fun playing with social norms.

This is how the idea of “Call Your Mom” came about. Everyday, we walk by so many strangers without interacting with them at all. My team and I wanted to break this social norm and get to know strangers in a unique way – by gaining insight into their relationship with their moms.

We therefore took to the streets of San Francisco and asked people when they had last called their moms. The end result was beautiful, and fully supported a notion we strongly believe in: if you are passionate about an idea, go and execute it. The benefits of advertising don’t just have to come from the professional workplace.

 Jiayi Wang ’13

I hope you enjoy it …

Stumped with Making a Career Out of Your Major? How About a Startup?

At an institution synonymous with its medical school and engineering programs, outsiders are often surprised to hear about the breadth of entrepreneurial ventures Hopkins students are involved in. The school quietly fosters a dedicated environment for students to create business ventures in the real world. The opportunities are quite diverse, from the popular Entrepreneurship & Management minor, to FastForward and JHTT, two groups of Hopkins inventors, entrepreneurs, and investors who aim at bringing technological innovations from the lab to the commercial marketplace.

A student in Professor Kendrick's class dons the sumo costume during the JHU Career Fair.

A MindSumo representative dons the sumo costume during the JHU Career Fair.

In addition to these school-sponsored initiatives, there is an extensive list of unaided Hopkins-born entrepreneurial startups that are just as poised to strike the commercial market. One prime example of such a company is MindSumo, founded by grad Keaton Swett, who majored in History and minored in Entrepreneurship and Management during his time at Hopkins. The vision for MindSumo was to create a unique opportunity for students, specifically in the computational and analytic fields, to showcase their talents in practical scenarios, shifting the focus of a job or internship interview from a single piece of paper (the applicant’s résumé) to a portfolio of proven skills.

Companies sponsor challenges for students to provide their own creative solutions to real business problems. Winners are chosen by the sponsor company to receive cash prizes, interviews for jobs and internships, and accolades to tout in their search for future employment. Since its humble beginnings, MindSumo has already attracted 30,000+ student users as well as dozens of top-tier companies in a vast array of fields (Google, Zappos, and General Mills, to name a few).

Although Keaton has since moved headquarters of MindSumo to California, he remains in close contact with his alma mater. He has lent his time, effort, and his company’s reputation to Leslie Kendrick’s Advertising and Integrated Marketing Campaign class, which is tasked with garnering new sign-ups and awareness for the company on the Hopkins Homewood campus and at other area universities.

Students might feel nervous about starting their careers, but Keaton and the dozens of Hopkins alums who have started their own companies are proof of the limitless opportunities that can come as a product of a Hopkins education.

Learn more about MindSumo at http://www.mindsumo.com. For more information about MindSumo’s campaign on the Hopkins campus, please contact either Lauryn Capers or David White at AdHopcreative@gmail.com.

Why You Should Attend the Fall 2012 Career Fair

Each semester, Johns Hopkins University hosts a career fair on its Homewood campus to provide students with the opportunity to converse with potential employers from all over the country.

But wait: didn’t we just have a job fair?

Yes, we did just have the student Job Fair, but this is very different from the Career Fair. While the Job Fair is focused on giving students a chance to apply for on-campus jobs through Johns Hopkins University, the Career Fair gives students the chance to make connections that could provide them with summer internships, full-time jobs after graduation, and other working opportunities during the school year. Curious about who these 130+ employers are? Here are a few to wet your appetite:

  • ESPN
  • Defense Intelligence Agency
  • eBay
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Microsoft
  • Teach for America

Attending the Career Fair can help you make connections, but only if you present yourself well to employers. So do you have to figure this out on your own? Of course not! Fortunately, the JHU Career Center has handily compiled a simple guide on how to prepare for the fair. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Bring a current resume.
  • Wear nice clothing. No ripped jeans or t-shirts.
  • Do your research and locate the employers you wish to visit prior to arriving at the fair. This will save you time searching for your employers’ tables.
  • Be sure to mention your name, major, expected graduation date, and reasons for being interested in a particular field to employers.

A LinkedIn profile is a good way to present yourself to potential employers.

Having an active, clean social media presence is also crucial to employment success. According to an article by Forbes contributor Dan Schawbel, a solid online presence is much more important than a neat resume. You should create a Twitter account and update it; you should make sure there is no profanity or distasteful content on your Facebook page. Make a LinkedIn profile. If you put yourself on the Internet, employers can find you, and you want them to like what they see.

If you want to make strides with your career, then make sure you attend the Fall 2012 Career Fair in the Ralph S. O’Connor Recreation Center on Thursday, September 20th, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Get prepared and get hired!

For a full list of career fair employees, click here. If you have questions about the fair, leave them a comment or call the Career Center at 410 516-8056.

– Dave