This is the CLE Master Course List, which includes E&M, PCP, and MSEM courses. Not every course is offered each semester. For the lastest information visit our website at

Entrepreneurship & Management Courses

660.101 Writing a Business Plan
660.103 The Promise & the Peril of Microfinance
660.105 Introduction to Business (S,W)
660.203 Financial Accounting
660.250 Principles of Marketing
660.300 Managerial Finance
660.303 Managerial Accounting
660.308 Business Law I (S)
660.310 Case Studies in Business Ethics (H)
660.311 Law and the Internet (S)
660.321 Managing Social Enterprises (W)
660.332 Leadership Theory (S,W)
660.333 Leading Change (W)
660.334 Leadership in Teams
660.335 Negotiation and Conflict Management
660.336 Community Engineering: Interdisciplinary Problem Solving (S,W)
660.337 Dead Leaders Society: Historical Perspectives on Leadership
660.340 Principles of Management
660.341 Business Process & Quality Management (W)
660.350 Marketing Strategy (W)
660.351 Product & Brand Management
660.352 New Product Development
660.354 Consumer Behavior
660.355 Sports Marketing
660.357 Copywriting & Creative Strategy
660.358 International Marketing
660.401 Advanced Corporate Finance
660.404 Business Law II (S)
660.405 Intellectual Property Law (S)
660.414 Financial Statement Analysis
660.450 Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communication
660.453 Social Media Marketing
660.454 Blogging & Digital Copywriting (W)
660.456 Marketing Communication Law & Ethics (W)
660.460 Entrepreneurship
660.461 Engineering Business & Management (E)
660.500 Business Internship
660.501 Practicum in Entrepreneurship & Management

Professional Communications Courses (Undergraduate)

661.110 Professional Communication for Science, Business & Industry (W)
661.111 Professional Communication for ESL Students (W)
661.150 Oral Presentations (W)
661.151 Oral Presentations for ESL Students (W)
661.170 Visual Rhetoric for Science, Business & Industry
661.270 Working with Writer’s Block: A Course for Students, Artists, Writers, and Professionals (W)
661.310 Writing about Science & Engineering (W)
661.315 The Culture of the Engineering Profession (S,W)
661.317 The Culture of the Medical Profession (S,W)
661.325 Engineering Ethics: The Message & the Impact (S,W)
661.357 Copywriting & Creative Strategy (W)
661.390 Online Journalism: JayStreet: A Journal of Entrepreneurship & Technology at JHU (W)
661.410 Research Writing for ESL Students (W)
661.425 Ethics & Communication for Biomedical Engineers (S,W)
661.453 Social Media Marketing
661.454 Blogging & Digital Copywriting (W)
661.456 Marketing Communication Law & Ethics (W)
661.487 Advanced Communication Skills for Science & Engineering (W)
661.488 Communicating Decisions in a Crisis (W)

Professional Communication Courses (Graduate)

661.610 Research Writing for ESL Students
661.611 Professional Communication for ESL Students
661.612 Professional Communication for ESL Students: Financial Math
661.613 Professional Communication for ESL Students: Financial Math
661.651 Oral Presentations for ESL Students
661.687 Advanced Communication Skills for Science and Engineering
661.688 Communicating Decisions in a Crisis
661.710 Dissertation Writing Workshop

Master of Science in Engineering Management Courses

662.611 Accounting & Finance
662.642 Management & Leadership
662.651 Marketing Communications & Strategy
662.692 Venture Planning
662.811 MSEM Seminar
662.812 MSEM Seminar

Intersession Courses (Undergraduate)

180.104 Seminar in Financial Literacy
660.140 Financial Modeling Using Microsoft Excel
660.150 Media & P.R. in the Big Apple
660.152 Branding–Shaping the Way Consumers View Products
660.154 The Art of the Pitch
660.156 Social Media Strategy & Measurement
660.160 Real Estate Development & Finance

Intersession Courses (Graduate)

660.640 Financial Modeling Using Microsoft Excel
662.632 Law & Entrepreneurship
662.815 CAD for MSEM

(W) writing-intensive course | (S) social science credit | (E) engineering credit | (H) humanities credit

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