Doing The Dew

Shirley Wang Mountain Dewpng

Shirley Wang, right, serves as one of Mountain Dew’s Brand Ambassadors.

By Shirley Wang

It seems like everyday, people are coming up to me and saying, “You’re the Mountain Dew girl!”

As I reach week five of my job as a Mountain Dew Brand Ambassador, my name and image becomes more and more synonymous with the 16 fl oz. can known as Mtn Dew Black Label.

What is Mtn Dew Black Label you ask? Well, Mountain Dew provides this description: “Introducing new MTN DEW BLACK LABEL, crafted with dark berry flavor, real sugar, and herbal bitters. So grab your friends, grab a MTN DEW BLACK LABEL and let loose in a whole new way.” For me, however, Mtn Dew Black Label has brought with it a rewarding and exciting new job, a friend in my fellow brand ambassador, Cara, and some pretty awesome one-of-a-kind experiences that I would never have had unless I were a brand ambassador.

As a brand ambassador, I have the privilege of representing Mountain Dew and promoting their new drink that is only available on specific college campuses–Johns Hopkins being one of the lucky few. Aside from receiving a ton of swag (including but not limited to: t-shirts, speakers, backpacks, powerbanks, ping pong balls, etc), my job also consists of working with Cara to come up with creative ways to boost brand recognition around campus through a combination of social media postings, campus-wide taste testings, and guerrilla marketing.

Being a brand ambassador thus far has truly been a one of a kind experience–I have planned and worked with so many student groups and have met so many new and interesting people through my role as a brand ambassador. I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to represent such a reputable company.

Our first event was with the Student Government Association and Beta Theta Pi to create a joint event called, The Big Blue Jay Tailgate. With their help, Cara and I were able to hold our first taste testing and get the word out about Mtn Dew Black Label. The event ended up being so popular that Cara and I had to sprint back to our rooms to grab more cups, but nonetheless, it was a successful first event.

Our second and most recent taste testing was in conjunction with Hoptoberfest. This event was especially exciting because We the Kings came to Hopkins! The turnout was great, and we were able to reach a huge audience–all while having a blast singing along to Skyway Avenue, Say You Like Me, and of course, Check Yes Juliet. My middle school self was very pleased to say the least. After the concert, we were able to speak with the manager of We the Kings and give them some Mtn Dew Black Label to try. The best part of the day by far, however, was when We the Kings stopped by a house afterwards to chill with all of us! It’s also where I finally took a photo of the ever elusive Travis Clark DJ-ing and chilling with some Mtn Dew Black Label!

Cara and I already have ideas planned for our next few taste testing events. We decided to work with the American Marketing Association (an organization we’re both part of) to hold a taste testing event at their Annual Regional Conference. Our biggest and most ambitious event will be completely organized and run by ourselves, to be called The First Annual Mountain Dew Pong Tournament (played with Mtn Dew Black Label of course!). We will have teams from different JHU organizations sign up to compete for first and second place prizes, and we hope to reach a wide audience through this tournament.

Not many people can say that they are a Mountain Dew Brand Ambassador, and I’m not going to lie, it is a pretty awesome thing to tell people. However, just like every other job or club or assignment I’m faced with, it is not an easy feat, but I look forward to leaving my mark as the “Mountain Dew girl.”

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