Interested in Joining a Mobile Startup?

Last week, I went to Paper Moon Cafe. Twice.

I may or may not enjoy eating there.

Yet, when I called the restaurant to pick up an order for takeout, I heard a recording which explained that Paper Moon only takes orders in person. Well, this was rather unfortunate for me: I love Paper Moon’s food, and I really wanted my Southern Love Burger as soon as possible rather than waiting for the entire fifteen-minute walk plus waiting time once I had reached the restaurant.

Isn’t there a better way?

San Francisco-based startup Tapingo, a mobile app developer, has created an application for ordering from the tip of your fingers via your cellphone. I’ve taken a look at the application, which can also be accessed from a desktop browser, and I must say: I’m impressed. It is an easily used interface that is very simple.

Tapingo Screen

Tapingo is not just for restaurant orders, though. The mobile app is being adopted by campus bookstores and other partnered establishments. Here’s where the fun part comes in: Tapingo needs your help.

The company is looking for 2-4 college students to help with the application’s development. They would be paid $10 an hour with not more than 8 hours per week. For more information, email

– David

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