How To Give A Great Speech On The Spot

We all know public speaking is essential to business success and success in government like during the current presidential election. Forbes teaches us some handy tips on being able to speak in front of an audience, however many times we are caught having to give some kind of presentation with little or no preparation. This is called extemporaneous speaking, and it is an extremely important skill to have whether you are a politician, a doctor, or a student giving a presentation in front of his/her peers. While the best way to prepare for any speech or presentation is practice and internalization, sometimes we are just caught off- guard and need to improvise. Here is a very simple acronym to help you in those times of need. It’s a technique used in my Oral Presentations class with Dr. Pam Sheff called PREP:

Point: state your point clearly. This is the first thing your audience will hear and needs to get their attention fast.

Reason: state why your point is valid.

Explain: elaborate on why your reason is valid. Do this part through example, or story.

Point: state your point clearly once more. This is the last (and arguably most important) thing they will hear.

Whether you are presenting in class, or just trying to convince your friends to go eat somewhere, this simple acronym, PREP, will help you shine during impromptu speeches. So try it out!

– Sinan

This is an example of Barack Obama’s impromptu speech outside the Del Sol High School gymnasium for those that weren’t allowed inside in January, 2008.

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