Why Kate White Is Leaving Cosmopolitan

It’s no secret that Cosmo is at the top of its game. In a New York Times Magazine article published over the summer, Edith Zimmerman revealed that Hearst publishes 64 international editions of the best-selling magazine in 35 languages, each edition promising “Fun, Fearless, Female” content in every issue. Though the late Helen Gurley Brown may have been responsible for establishing the magazine’s sexy tone, international readers can credit Editor in Chief Kate White for increasing the magazine’s circulation and presence abroad. White, who announced her resignation last week, officially stepped down today.

Succeeding White is Joanna Coles, the Editor in Chief of fellow Hearst publication Marie Claire. Coles gave Marie Claire a facelift by whisking Elle‘s Nina Garcia (of Project Runway fame) to the magazine as Fashion Director — thus shifting the prize winner’s feature from Elle to Marie Claire. Coles further earned cred with the fashion crowd when she became a mentor on the show’s spin-off, Project Runway: All Stars, earlier this year. Coles knows a thing or two about using television to bolster a magazine brand — in 2009, the Style Network’s Running In Heels chronicled the adventures of three Marie Claire interns. Marie Claire‘s largest-ever September 2012 issue boasted a record 237 ad pages for the publication. It’s a safe to say that under Coles’s leadership, you’ll see a more fashion-forward Cosmopolitan on your TV screens.

White, meanwhile, plans to focus on her writing and speaking career. In her new book, I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This: Success Secrets Every Gutsy Girl Should Know, which hits bookstands September 18, she advises, “A sign you’re ready to leave [a position] is when you’re totally comfortable at a job because you’re totally comfortable. Nothing scares you, meaning you’re not challenged.” I wish all the best to White and Coles as they embrace the challenges that come with their new positions. What can you learn from Cosmo’s business success?

– Devin

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